We are a decicated team of pan-specialism education experts, driven by Lloyds Bank. Together we have developed six double lesson plans with supporting materials for six traditional secondary subjects, all designed to integrate fully with the lessons you already teach.

The ReDiscover Project may be all about tech, but it goes far beyond the usual ICT basics. From the lucrative business of vlogging in English to getting savvy about streaming in Music, practical tech-skills are very valuable assets. With The ReDiscover Project, we are taking digital entirely cross-curricula.

The lesson plans are fun, curriculum-aligned and completely free, helping you bring subjects to life in a completely new way.

We offer both informative and practical lesson plans covering:

  • Business Studies

  • Maths & Citizenship

  • English

  • Media Studies

  • Graphics

  • Music

  • Computing

The ReDiscover Project is created by Lloyds Bank.

Lloyds Bank have been helping Britain prosper by helping over 27 million customers with their financial needs. We plan to take this further. Our Helping Britain Prosper Plan tackles the social and economic issues that matter to Britain: its people, businesses, environment and communities. This starts with the youngest members of society: our children.

Today’s world is driven by technology, and knowing how to use it in a creative and intuitive way is essential for children’s future career success. This extends far beyond computing lessons, and even traditional STEM subjects. Digital skills are essential in every subject, and in every career.

Let Lloyds Bank help you and your pupils ReDiscover Business Studies, Maths, English, Media Studies, Graphics and Music through these cross-curricular lesson plans which draw inspiration from the booming businesses of successful young digital entrepreneurs and Lloyds Bank’s expertise.