Who we are

We are rediscovering traditional subjects in a digital world, helping the UK’s kids prosper with real world tech skills.

We are The ReDiscover Project. A free education initiative drawing inspiration from the booming digital businesses of successful entrepreneurs and academic rebels. We are helping you bring tech into every subject, showing your pupils how they can use it to build their careers, and their lives.

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What we do

The ReDiscover Project is made up of FREE curriculum-aligned lesson plans for pupils aged 11 – 14. These lessons, supported by live events and workshops, give pupils the confidence, willpower and knowledge they need to take real tech into the real world.

We’re working with subjects and tech your pupils already know about and engage with every day. Things they can really get their teeth into, helping them see the real-world potential of subjects they may be disengaged with.

We’re talking about vlogging, music production, graphic design, viral videos, online money management and even setting up digital businesses.

Your pupils already have the tools to do all of these things. In fact, they use them everyday. We are here to show them the skills, helping them gain financial independence and social mobility. They could even use what they discover to change the world.

Lesson plans for
ages 11-14
Teacher Workshops
Live events
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We’re shaking things up, taking inspiration from some of the most brilliant – and disruptive – minds in the history of the world. The ReDiscover Project is about more than just education, it’s about shaping futures, transforming minds and being different.